Introducing the last client-side form validator you will ever use.

***** Long awaited update on JSValidate *****

What JSValidate Has Received

  • 39,671 Downloads Since Release in August 2007.
  • About 70 support requests - That's .1% of total downloads.
  • Featured in a web development magazine as well as many websites and blogs.
  • Top Referrals include Ajax Rain, StumbleUpon, Google, and Delicious.
  • Offers to translate in 11 different languages

What JSValidate Has Not Received

  • Website updates
  • Much needed script updates along with support for the latest Prototype and Scriptaculous versions.
  • Major and Minor Bug Fixes
  • Improvements and Optimization
  • Additions and Flexibility
  • People within the community to improve the script or help others

What You Can Do

If you would like to see more of JSValidate (and soon to be launced jValidate) please use the orange donate button below to support the author by donating any amount you wish.

Donations can be made directly to

What you can expect in return

  • More attention to this script including a major update to source and more features on the website like changelogs, documentation and RSS Feeds
  • Better support response by email and through support forum
  • Regular updates
  • Multi-Language support
  • Email notification on new releases
  • Much, much more...


What is JSValidate?

JSValidate is a form validator that utilizes aspects of prototype and scriptaculous to bring you a simple to execute, non-intrusive javascript form validator. With minimal setup, your forms can be processing clean data in no time at all.

What makes it different?

What sets JSValidate apart from other similar scripts is the simplicity of it's setup. Another important characteristic is the importance of browser compatibilty. JSValidate is run through very thorough browser tests to ensure it works on any platform with any browser.